PE Stretch Film Machine

Product introduction:

The stretch film also called as elastic film is a kind of soft polyethylene plastic film with good transparency elasticity and intensity. In case of non-heation it it can strech in length and breadth. It can wrap the products of electrical household appliances precision instrument bicycle motorcycle top-grade furniture etc with its own autohension and make them keep tension and unloosen for a long time.

Main Technical Parameters:


机器型号 Model JD-CRM45A双面贴(double-side sticky) JD-CRM45A单面贴(single-side sticky) JD-CRM45A双面贴(double-side sticky) JD-CRM45A双面贴(single-side sticky)
螺杆直径 Screw dia.(mm) φ45 φ45/45 φ65 φ65/65
长径比 L/D ratio(L/D) 33:1 33:1,33:1 33:1 33:1,33:1
挤出电机功率 Motor power of extruder(kw) 7.5 7.5*2 22 22*2
模头有效宽度 Effective width of die(mm) 700 700 1250 1250
制品幅宽(可选)Width of product(optional)(mm) 500\600 500\600 1000 1000
镜面辊长度 Length of roller 700 700 1250 1250
镜面辊牵引功率 haul-off power of roller 2.2 2.2 4 4
废边收卷功率 Winding power of waste edge 0.75KW 0.75KW 6N.M 6N.M
收卷直径 Winding dia. 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200
外形尺寸(约)Dimensions(L*W*H)(approx)(m) 8*2.4*2.5 8*2.4*2.5 9*5*2.8 9*5*2.8